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Zero Waste-GOTS-certified-Fair Trade-white cropped tee

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Our tee is made from GOTS certified organic cotton, free from harmful dyes and chemicals.  Manufactured in a fair trade certified factory to protect farmers, garment workers, and the planet.

Love It

The most versatile tee you’ll ever own. Wear it with jeans and blazers when it is chilly, shorts and skirts when it is warm. Treat it well, make it last, wear it a lot.

Recycle It

When your shirt has had its last wear, use the unique serial number on the size tag to print a free return label. We will responsibly recycle and close the loop!

What's So Special?

If this tee could talk! It starts with a non-gmo seed, grows without harmful pesticides, and uses less water. Farm workers and the environment are protected. The fabric is free from dangerous chemicals, which means there are no harmful residues next to your skin. We only made one style, because ALL YOU NEED IS LESS. Casual enough to wear on the weekends, polished enough to wear to the office under a blazer. We’re proud to meet all 17 of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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Our Packaging

We've carefully designed our packaging to be 100% plastic free. The material is recycled and recyclable. Even our shipping labels contain a Zero Waste adhesive, which is curbside recyclable. Our green ribbon is biodegradable and made from the Abaca plant.

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Why Buy Cotton?

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Zero waste-GOTS-certified-Fair Trade-white cropped tee

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