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5 Baby Steps Toward a Zero Waste 4th of July

5 Baby Steps Toward a Zero Waste 4th of July

1) Cut out the cutlery

Serve finger foods like burgers and fresh cut veggies on the side. For dessert, take halved lemons and add a peppermint stick as a straw. 

 2) Biodegradable decorations

Head out to the back yard and collect some greenery and flowers for the table or make a garland. Hydrangeas are in bloom this time of year, and if you have white and blue, just add some store-bought red roses. When the party’s over, throw them in your compost. 

3) Separate leftover food scraps 

Set up separate bins for garbage, compost, and recycling. Kids can have fun figuring out which is which! 


4) Almost zero waste fireworks alternative

As a fun alternative to fireworks, make a soda and Mentos fountain. Recycle or reuse the 2-liter bottle. You can find the how-to at


5) What to wear

If you buy the $5 Patriotic tees from the big box stores we all know and love, look for 100% cotton versions, with water-based prints. Instead of throwing away or donating, consider composting. 100% cotton garments will break down in about 3 months. Be sure to remove any plastic tags. 


 Happy 4th of July! 

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