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Could That Rash Under Your Yoga Clothes Be Contact Dermatitis?

Could That Rash Under Your Yoga Clothes Be Contact Dermatitis?

What is contact dermatitis?

Since most of us are working from home in these unprecedented times, we're wearing our workout gear much more. Why not? There are so many options that look great in and out of the gym. However, have you ever experienced itchy, red or scaly skin under those Lulu's after a long day? You may have a skin allergy called Contact Dermatitis

Anti-microbial fabric finishes contain chemicals like Nanosilver that can cause skin reactions over time. This and other chemicals are part of the Dirty Dozen, a list of toxic ingredients you should avoid. While this is easy to do when buying cosmetics or food, it's not so easy when choosing our clothing. 

What's the best fabric for sensitive skin?

Organic cotton is cool, soft and contains no pesticides. Spraying crops with Round-up is prohibited. This fabric perfect for a base layer (like a t-shirt or underwear). You can then add your synthetic pieces on top to protect sensitive skin. 

How do I shop for organic cotton? 

A basic search for organic cotton may bring up many confusing options. Try using the keyword GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This is one of the most stringent certifications that limits the use of toxic chemicals. In order to carry the seal, the fabric must contain at least 95% organic fiber. 

Our brand Vert Toi is proud to carry the GOTS certification. 


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