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Making Sense of Ethical and Sustainable Certifications

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Certifications at the forefront

Ethical and sustainable fashion has gained a lot of traction over the last 2 years, but shopping sustainably can be confusing. Many brands make claims in their marketing campaigns, but how do you know it's not greenwashing? 

The best way to be sure you're getting a real sustainable and ethical product is to shop by certification. Fair Trade America and GOTS are well respected in the industry. Both help producers in developing countries to get a fair price for their products so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally sustainable practices.

Want to learn more? 

Check out this article from our supplier at Gallant International for a more in depth look into certifications.

We're proud to say, our Original Zero Waste Tee carries the GOTS and Fair Trade International mark, AND it's designed to be recycled.

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